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10 White LED Boost Converter with PWM Dimming and Single-Wire Series Interface


The EUP2530/A is a constant current step-up converter specifically designed to drive white LEDs. With a 45V rated integrated switch FET, the step-up converter supports up to 10 white LEDs in series connection, so the LED currents are identical for uniform brightness. The boost converter runs at 1.0MHz fixed switching frequency with 1.3A switch current limit, and allows for the use of a high brightness LED in general lighting. The maximum white LED current is set with the external sensor resistor RFB, and the feedback voltage is regulated to 200mV(EUP2530A 300mV), as shown in the typical application. During the operation, the LED current can be controlled through the EN pin in two modes. With a 8KHz or higher frequency PWM dimming signal on EN pin, EUP2530/A operates in PWM dimming mode, which the duty cycle determines the feedback reference voltage. EUP2530/A can operate in digital dimming mode also, which a Single Wire interface on the EN pin is integrated to adjust the FB voltage in 32 steps. In either digital or PWM mode, the EUP2530/A does not generate audible noises on the output capacitor. For the protection, the EUP2530/A provides 38.5V OVP to prevent damage from LED open.

The EUP2530/A is available in low profile TSOT23-6 package.


  • ‧2.6V to 5.5V Input Range
  • ‧38.5V Output Over Voltage Protection
  • ‧Internal Soft-Start
  • ‧Internal Compensation
  • ‧Single-Wire Serial Pulse Interface to Set LED Current with 32-Step Scale
  • ‧External PWM Dimming with 8KHz - 300KHz Frequency Range
  • ‧Internal 45V N-FET
  • ‧1MHz Fixed Switching Frequency
  • ‧Over Voltage Protection
  • ‧Over Thermal Protection
  • ‧VIN Under Voltage LockOut
  • ‧Available in TSOT23-6 Package
  • ‧RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Pb)-Free
  • Halogen-Free


  • ‧Mobile Phones
  • ‧GPS Navigation Systems
  • ‧Portable Media Players
  • ‧Handheld Devices, Digital Camera
  • ‧Portable Game Machines
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