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6A Peak Current Synchronous Step-up Converter with Output Disconnect


The EUP2477 is a current-mode synchronous step-up converter. Input of the EUP2477 is down to 1.8V and the peak current is up to 6A. The EUP2477 disconnects the output from input during shutdown mode. Integrated N-Channel main switch and P-Channel synchronous rectifier greatly improve converter efficiency. The 500kHz switching frequency and internal compensation allow for smaller external components producing a compact solution for a wide range of load currents.

Fault protection includes over voltage protection, short circuit protection and thermal shutdown. Internal soft-start with linear charge stage minimizes the inrush supply current and the output overshoot at initial startup.

The EUP2477 is available in 2mm×2mm TQFN-10 package.


  • •1.8V to 5V Wide Input Operating Range
  • •Adjustable Output Voltage from 2.5V to 5.5V
  • •Fixed 500kHz Switching Frequency
  • •6A Peak Current Limit
  • •Load Disconnect During Shutdown
  • •Input Under Voltage Lockout
  • •Output Over Voltage Protection
  • •Input Battery Voltage Monitor
  • •Thermal Shutdown
  • •Low RDS(ON) (main switch/synchronous switch): 25/45mohm
  • •2mm×2mm TQFN-10 Package
  • •RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead(Pb)-Free Halogen-Free


  • •All single cell Li or dual cell battery operated products as MP3 player, PDAs, and other portable equipment.

Typical Application Circuit

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